New theme

I want to change the theme of my blog to show just the images on the front home page rather than the image and post. But having checked out the themes available I notice they all need a featured image. That’s OK, can do that easily. But they also only have images in landscape version. All my #fmspad photos taken in Instagram are portrait.

So from tomorrow on, they will be taken as landscape using the camera normally on my iPad then sharing to Instagram and uploading here via the Edublogs app. This will create me a new post as well as add in the image.

January 5 Favourite thing

Favourite thing

Easy peasy – my computer! When I go travelling it is my iPad which I have on the seat beside me with all those fantastic travelling apps ready at my fingertips. When I am at home, it is my desktop PC with my Farmville 2 and Criminal Case games as well as my blogs. Couldn’t use my iPad with Instagram app on it to take photo of iPad so ……..


My New Year resolution

I have just finished a unit at UTAS – University of Tasmania- called Photo Essay. This made me look at the composition and design of any photos I take from now on. I don’t know yet what my result is for the photo essay I put together but here it is.

I tried to use the skills they taught us about:

  • rule of thirds
  • pop of colour
  • perspective
  • lines
  • patterns

So my 2017 resolution is going to be:

Add an image at least once every week on this blog and preferably more often.

Here are some other photography challenge sites that have been discussed in our unit Facebook group.

Readers: Who is going to try one of these challenges?

14/28 Scrimshaw


Being retired, I can now attend some lunchtime talks. Today was about scrimshaw and I took along a pair of whale teeth my father had been given by his foster father who was a friend of his mother. We don’t know the history of the teeth but they might have been handed down from my great great grandfather who was a whaler in the 1870’s and 1880’s.

14/11 Try something new


Sent out a tweet last night about ipad apps for close up photography. Penny, Jenny and Fiona came back with some options. I also did a search for others. So today I tried one called ItZooms. It also allows you to invert colours. I was sitting on the couch in my lounge room, looking through the fly wire door to the car tyre about 4 metres away. This is the result.

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