My New Year resolution

I have just finished a unit at UTAS – University of Tasmania- called Photo Essay. This made me look at the composition and design of any photos I take from now on. I don’t know yet what my result is for the photo essay I put together but here it is.

I tried to use the skills they taught us about:

  • rule of thirds
  • pop of colour
  • perspective
  • lines
  • patterns

So my 2017 resolution is going to be:

Add an image at least once every week on this blog and preferably more often.

Here are some other photography challenge sites that have been discussed in our unit Facebook group.

Readers: Who is going to try one of these challenges?

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  • Thanks Sue, I was wondering why you had not put yours on and now you have. Happy New Year and it looks as if you have your New Year’s resolution up and running. Well done.

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