14/30 Smoke everywhere


Earlier this afternoon, I heard a loud noise coming from the airport and something flying directly over my house. Looked out the door and saw smoke everywhere. Checked out website fires Tasmania and saw one had started near Sandford about 10 minute drive away from me. Can see the helicopters water bombing in front of the flames.

14/4 High winds


A couple of nights of high winds has brought out the wind surfers on Ralph’s Bay. This is a very shallow bay off the Derwent River and is generally very calm. It is a bird watchers paradise with many different gulls and other birds on the foreshore.

152/366 Sprucing the garden

It’s winter here and I was looking at one patch of my garden. Decided it needed some sprucing up with more plants. Now I have retired I had gone through all my old worksheets, (some even run off with a spirit duplicator about 30 years ago) and shredded them. Made seven large garbage bags of small bits of paper. Laid them down on the garden and wetted them well. But not enough – so will have to shred more over the next couple of days before adding again to the garden.

Shredded worksheets as compost

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