15/366 Getting there

For the first time in many years, I can now see the books on my bookshelf. I have taken off those to go in the booksale and on the bottom shelf are those relating to genealogy and Tasmanian history. The top shelf is more fiction and non-fiction I still want to keep. Many relate to Australia and include biographies.

Where have all the books gone?

3/366 More cleaning

With it being bushfire season at the moment in Australia, one thing recommended to keep your house safer, is to have your guttering cleaned out. Now I haven’t done this in probably 5 years, so today, a helpful young chap came around with his ladder, bucket and blower, then climbed on the roof to clean out my gutters.

I knew there was quite a bit of grass up there but according to him, most of it was dirt and dust blown up there by the wind.

Gutter clean out

1/366 A clean start

OK, so I didn’t do too well in 2011 at taking and publishing a photo each day. In fact, I lasted 32 days only, just over a month.

Well it is now 2012 and I have retired from 35 years of teaching. It is now time to sort out the resources and start cleaning rooms. How long will it take me to do this I wonder?

Time to clean

Dust leaves a trail


Sunday, 23 January 2011

I’m already getting behind in posting an image every day. But I have an excuse. I have been cleaning my office area. As you can see, some areas have not been cleaned for a while. Layers of dust have accumulated, but at least the bookshelves are now cleared of books, ready for me to give the desk to my brother.

Do you have to clean your room every week or does your mum do it for you?

Cleaning up after your animals

horse owners

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I thought we were supposed to clean up during Spring yet here in Australia where it is summer, many bloggers are ‘Spring cleaning’ their pages as part of the activities in the teacher challenges. As you many have noticed in my previous images, I am trying to clean my office (very slow job … lol).

So why is it, that horse owners can’t clean up after their animals especially in a parking area?

Do you have any stories to tell about owners cleaning up after their animals or not?



Monday, 17 January 2011


I was so busy cleaning my office area that I forgot to post my picture for today (it is Tuesday really). But an update on my office area – I can now see floor space. I will soon be able to get that new computer desk in there.

Now, my mother says just get in there and do it all in one hit, but I enjoy playing computer games so have to do a bit of tidying up every time I finish a game.

Are there any computer games that you really enjoy playing rather than cleaning your room?