Monday, 17 January 2011


I was so busy cleaning my office area that I forgot to post my picture for today (it is Tuesday really). But an update on my office area – I can now see floor space. I will soon be able to get that new computer desk in there.

Now, my mother says just get in there and do it all in one hit, but I enjoy playing computer games so have to do a bit of tidying up every time I finish a game.

Are there any computer games that you really enjoy playing rather than cleaning your room?

Chaos or everything in its place?


Monday, 10 January 2011

Last year, I swapped my computer desk with my nephew as we thought the curved desk would fit more neatly in my office area. My nephew no longer lives at his parents’ home so I am getting back my terrific flat to the wall desk. But first, I have to do some cleaning so I can move this desk out first. I have started cleaning even though you might not think so.

What does your office area look like?

What is the worst household chore you have to do?