14/18 Camkids


This is my friend Moya who spends a lot of time in Cambodia helping her brother and his wife, who run an orphanage for kids. It is part of the Camkids organization at Camkids.org Moya had some students draw some wonderful pictures of life in Cambodia and now their artwork is up for auction today.

14/16 Family history


While my car was in for service, I walked down to the Maritime Museum. Read a thesis on whaling written in 1989 with lots of sources and an index of people. My great great grandfather was in the list. So I read about him and wrote down sources to find at the state archives. Had lunch while walking to the archives (uphill) then four hours checking microfilms. Found a log book written about a whaling voyage where my relative was commander of the ship. Allowed to take digital copy of all 80 pages of the log. Will read once I get more time.

146/366 Square dancing

This image is for a member of my blogging PLN called Judy from New Zealand. I sent out a tweet about going to the Australian Square Dance Convention. A few hours later, Judy tells me her rellies will be there, so that evening, I introduced myself to Lyn and Alan. This is to prove to Judy that it is a small world!


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