U – Unusual

It was hard to find an animal and plant starting with this letter so I have decided to use the word ‘unusual’ for this post.

A couple of animals that look unusual are the platypus and the weedy sea dragon that you can see at Beauty Point attractions, Platypus House and Seahorse World. Better photos of a platypus can be seen at the link above.


Weedy sea dragon

An unusual plant is the Potato orchid. My dad has these growing down the driveway at his house. Sorry one of the photos is a bit blurry.

From the first image you can see why it is called a potato orchid.



O – Octopus and old Botanic Gardens

At Beauty Point you have the Platypus House and also the Seahorse World, where you can also see an octopus.



Old Botanic Gardens

Here in my home state of Tasmania, we have the second oldest Botanic Gardens in Australia. In 1816, Royal Botanic Gardens was developed in Sydney and two years later, the Botanic Gardens were started on the Domain in Hobart Town.

This image is from a French Expedition to Hobart in 1837-1840 and is held in the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office – Allport Library

Jardin botanique [botanical gardens] d'Hobart-Town

E – Echidna and Eucalyptus species

A short beaked echidna is only found in Australia. It is one of three monotremes found in the world. The others are a platypus found in Australia and three species of long beaked echidna found in New Guinea.



These images above were taken at Beauty Point in Tasmania at the Platypus House.

Eucalyptus species

When travelling around the world, one thing I miss is the smell of the eucalypt trees. Once when bus touring in Italy, I could suddenly smell them and noticed we were travelling down an avenue of eucalypt trees.

There are over 900 species of this plant and they are often called gum trees.

This first image was taken between Pemberton and Albany in Western Australia.


This red one was taken between Bunbury and Pemberton via Manjimup in Western Australia.


This photo was taken at my home. Can you see a bonus bird as well?

Can you see the hidden parrot?