4/366 New beginnings

One thing I hope to do better now that I have retired is to get a vegetable patch growing well.

While I was away on holidays for 11 weeks in USA/Canada, my parents started a vegetable garden for me, by planting carrots, three types of beans, two types of tomatoes and corn. This morning I went out to water them after the hot day yesterday and pulled out some carrots to thin the area out and allow the carrots to grow larger.

Vegetable patch

1/366 A clean start

OK, so I didn’t do too well in 2011 at taking and publishing a photo each day. In fact, I lasted 32 days only, just over a month.

Well it is now 2012 and I have retired from 35 years of teaching. It is now time to sort out the resources and start cleaning rooms. How long will it take me to do this I wonder?

Time to clean