R – Rosellas and Richea species

A common visitor to my garden is an Eastern Rosella. They have to compete for the bird bath with the noisy miners, galahs and butcher birds which are often there as well. Remember to check the bird calls from the links I include in each post.


Richea species

My father was an avid bushwalker and always had his camera with him. But with age, he no longer bushwalks but enjoys looking back at the photos he has taken on his walks. He often writes about his trips in the Hobart Walking Club magazine and has written many recommendations for life members.

He has taken lots of photos of plants seen around the Tasmanian mountains and the following is a Richea dracophylla found in the Mt Field area.

Richea dracophylla

M – Musk lorikeet and mistletoe

These musk lorikeets are often found on my neighbour’s apple tree and recently I have seen them on the bottlebrush bush in front of my lounge room. They chatter to each other all the time while on the apple tree.

I think the bird in these two photos may have been injured or perhaps it was a young bird still not sure of its flight. Normally when I come out of my house to photograph them, they will fly away very quickly but this one didn’t.


Mistletoe species

I have lots of photos in my album labelled Flowers on Flickr. Many I don’t know what they are but I think this image is of a mistletoe flower. Mistletoes need a host tree so it can suck on the sap of that tree. If those more knowledgeable than I can tell me the correct name, please leave a comment. Please read comments as this is not a mistletoe.


C – Cockatoos and correas

I have two different species of cockatoo that frequent my garden. Both are very noisy.

The first is the sulphur crested cockatoo that loves the walnut tree in my neighbour’s garden.



The second is the yellow tailed black cockatoo which roost every night in another neighbour’s Banksia tree.


Correa species

There are 11 species of Correa and they are all native to Australia. They can be of various colours. Some are ground cover and others are small shrubs like this one growing on Kangaroo Island.


January 21 Grow

I must have a green thumb when it comes to growing fruit and vegetables. Rhubarb and strawberries growing down the lane where anyone passing by can pick for themselves. I water every now and then and pull out dead leaves when I see them to stop grubs developing and then eating my fruit.


January 2 Delicious


Naturally I had to take a photo of the gorgeous strawberries I grow in my garden. They are into their second fruiting this season and as they are grown near the roadside, I have to get in early to pick before the neighbours and children on bikes get to them.

PS They are there for everyone to eat though.


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