About the photographer

Update April 2023

Decided to change the theme as using images from Flickr don’t work as the featured image of my previous theme. This theme is looking great after only one day.

I am taking photos now with both my iPad but also an iPhone which I only bought a couple of years ago. Still need to learn how to use the iPhone when taking photos through the windows of a touring bus which is how I travel now.

Update September 2017

As I am doing a lot of travelling around Australia throughout my retirement, have decided to use this blog for my travels. Am using my iPad and uploading posts via the Edublogs app.

This theme uses a featured image but find I need to have added the image via the Add Media button on computer rather than on the iPad for the image to work correctly.

Update 2017

I have just finished the Photo Essay unit – marks come out in February. I have decided to join a photo a day challenge but this is different to others. You actually get a hint of what to photograph each day. Beginning of each month, the list is given so you can plan ahead if you want.

So I am taking photo on Instagram on the iPad now, then sharing to Flickr album for #fmspad so I can add to this blog.


Since retiring in 2011, I have added a few more images, but still not made it through a full year. I have now enrolled in a University course called “Photo Essay” with UTAS. I might now have more incentive to get an image a day.

I now use my iPad to take lots of images to use on Facebook, have got an instagram account but rarely use it and upload my photos to Flickr where I need to do some serious sorting out. Finally I also use a new camera occasionally Pentax Optio RZ18.


I have used cameras all my life, but with retirement coming later this year, I thought I would get into the habit of using my camera more often. In order to accomplish this, I decided to start my own blog and include an image every day.

Once I am back at school in February, I will probably have my students include some images or they might like to join me and create a school blog using images.

The camera I will be using is a Canon Power Shot A1000 IS with image stabilizer.

If I use anything other than the auto setting, I will mention it in the post.


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