B – Banksia species and birds in my garden

There are many species of Banksia found in Australia. They are easy to grow and care for so are found in many gardens. They are also very attractive to birds.

They are named after Joseph Banks who journeyed with Captain Cook in 1770. Joseph collected many species to take back to England to explore more about these unusual plants.

Below are those I have taken in my travels around Australia but in particular in Western Australia. If you know their scientific name, please leave in a comment below.

Banksia species

The image above was taken on the Donnelly River Cruise near the Windy Harbour area of Western Australia in October 2012.

Banksia species

The image above was taken in Albany near the whaling station in October 2012.

Beautiful banksia

The above image was taken at a house near where I live in Tasmania.

Birds in my garden

You will find images of many of the birds that visit my garden throughout this A-Z challenge * but here is a list of my most common visitors.

  • Magpie
  • Eastern Rosella *
  • Musk Lorikeet *
  • Galah
  • Kookaburra *
  • Noisy Miner
  • Grey Butcherbird
  • Yellow tailed black cockatoo *
  • Sulphur crested cockatoo *


152/366 Sprucing the garden

It’s winter here and I was looking at one patch of my garden. Decided it needed some sprucing up with more plants. Now I have retired I had gone through all my old worksheets, (some even run off with a spirit duplicator about 30 years ago) and shredded them. Made seven large garbage bags of small bits of paper. Laid them down on the garden and wetted them well. But not enough – so will have to shred more over the next couple of days before adding again to the garden.

Shredded worksheets as compost

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