Windy night

Sunday, 16 January, 2011

Last night we had a lot of wind blowing through our suburb. Above is a photo of the tree across the road from the entrance to my house. It is a Eucalyptus or gum tree as we call them in Australia. Many of the Eucalyptus species have stringy or loose bark that will fly off in a breeze. I have also included the bark as it landed next to my drive.

Do you have any trees that lose bark? Or do you have trees that lose leaves instead? How often do you have to clean up the backyard from all the leaves and bark?

One comment

  • I love seeing the smooth bark on some of these gum trees after the bark drops off. We saw a fantastic one today in the Botanic Gardens here in Adelaide – it was a Ribbon Gum and I hadn’t seen one before.

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