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Monday, 3 January 2011

I was visiting my parents yesterday and snapped this out of their lounge room window. Mt Wellington in the background, Hobart on the western shore  and the yacht race, King of the River,  happening on the Derwent River.

What would I see if I took a photo outside your lounge room window?

Write about the view from your house. Include a photo you have taken.


  • I don’t think I’d be moving far from this view – it must be spectacular when the sailing boats arrive in.

  • It looks exactly like I imagine Hobart looks. What a gorgeous view

  • Kerri Fitzmaurice

    Love the view, it brings back memories…

    We had two weeks in Tassie during September school holidays. While we were in Hobart our boys saw (and played in) snow on Mt Wellington. Lovely! Our favourite part of our trip was a cruise to Bruny Island and a thrilling boat ride around the bottom coast line. Such wonderful, family memories were made. Tasmania is a spectacular state!

    Thanks for the photo.

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