N – Native Hen and Nothofagus species

I live near a golf course and a creek which are great places to find native hens here in Tasmania.  These adults had been protecting the young chick but I had disturbed them while on a walk along my street. As I followed them, the chick kept hiding in the bushes till called by the adults to follow.

Tasmanian native hens are endemic to Tasmania and are a protected species. (I only learnt that while researching for this post.)


Nothofagus species

There are three species of Nothofagus in Australia. Nothofagus gunnii is endemic to Tasmania, Nothofagus cunninghamii is also found in Victoria and Nothofagus moorei is found on the highlands of New South Wales and Queensland but not in Tasmania.

The easiest way to distinguish between the two species found in Tasmania is that Nothofagus gunnii has leaves that looked crinkled.

These two photos belong to my father. The one with my mother in it was taken by Jon Grey, a friend of my parents. Both photos were taken in the Mt Field National Park.


Happy 89th birthday mum. You are missed by all who knew you.