M – Musk lorikeet and mistletoe

These musk lorikeets are often found on my neighbour’s apple tree and recently I have seen them on the bottlebrush bush in front of my lounge room. They chatter to each other all the time while on the apple tree.

I think the bird in these two photos may have been injured or perhaps it was a young bird still not sure of its flight. Normally when I come out of my house to photograph them, they will fly away very quickly but this one didn’t.


Mistletoe species

I have lots of photos in my album labelled Flowers on Flickr. Many I don’t know what they are but I think this image is of a mistletoe flower. Mistletoes need a host tree so it can suck on the sap of that tree. If those more knowledgeable than I can tell me the correct name, please leave a comment. Please read comments as this is not a mistletoe.