New theme

I want to change the theme of my blog to show just the images on the front home page rather than the image and post. But having checked out the themes available I notice they all need a featured image. That’s OK, can do that easily. But they also only have images in landscape version. All my #fmspad photos taken in Instagram are portrait.

So from tomorrow on, they will be taken as landscape using the camera normally on my iPad then sharing to Instagram and uploading here via the Edublogs app. This will create me a new post as well as add in the image.

January 5 Favourite thing

Favourite thing

Easy peasy – my computer! When I go travelling it is my iPad which I have on the seat beside me with all those fantastic travelling apps ready at my fingertips. When I am at home, it is my desktop PC with my Farmville 2 and Criminal Case games as well as my blogs. Couldn’t use my iPad with Instagram app on it to take photo of iPad so ……..


January 4 Animal


I know that many people have pet dogs or cats that they have probably photographed for today. But I don’t have any animals at my place. Instead I have a Tasmanian Devil named Davo who travels everywhere with me. He even has his own blog, but is not too good at keeping it up to date.


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