F – Fringed Lily and Frilled Neck Lizard

This image of a fringed lily was taken between Esperance and Wave Rock at Hyden, Western Australia on my trip there in October 2012. As there are 50 species of Thysanotus (Fringed Lily) in Australia, I don’t know the precise scientific name for my image.

Fringed lily

Frilled Neck Lizard

I searched my photos on Flickr but couldn’t find any image I had taken of this animal. So I found one that had Creative Commons Attribution Licence that I could use.

These lizards are seen running on their back legs with their frills open. The Australian Geographic magazine had an interesting story about these reptiles.

Frill-necked Lizard, or Frilled Lizard also known as the Frilled Dragon, (Chlamydosaurus kingii)



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