Anyone for chess?


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

You often find life size chess games now in many malls, parks and shopping places. I found this set at a resting park near the bakery at Richmond.

Do you find chess a relaxing pastime?

The students in my class often get out the chess sets when they have finished work or when they have free choice time.

What are some of the things you enjoy doing to relax?


  • Hello Sue,
    I found your Photo Diary via Jo’s 365 and thought I’d post you a well deserved comment. Congratulations on the super photos and topics you have written on so far. As I began my 36th year of Teaching in Victoria today I don’t know quite how we survived without Airconditioned classrooms for so many years.It’s amazing what a difference the humble pedestal fan can make.
    I like the way you are posing questions. My latest relaxations are in reading articles recommended by my Twitter contacts and listening to music via our Osborn Loudspeakers.
    Best Wishes for teaching,learning and relaxing in 2011,
    Yvonne Osborn

  • Not a chess player…however, I love to do suduko! Have you ever done any of those?


  • Hi Sue. Aren’t these giant chess boards such a good idea? I haven’t seen any near where I live, but I hope that the ones that are around get used. I’m afraid chess is a game I’ve never quite mastered. We have a parent who comes in one lunchtime a week to run a chess club with the students and they also take part in tournaments. It’s very popular.

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