End of Spring

bottlebrush bloom

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Spring has finished, yet many of the native flowers in Australia are still blooming. This bottlebrush type flower attracts the bees including the bumble bees.

Are there special colours that attract insects to flowers?

What other plants do you know that have a bottlebrush effect?

If you were planning your own garden to attract birds and insects, what flower would you have as a centre piece?


  • Tomorrow, I will have to capture our Pohutukawa and compare to your bottle brush. I have poached your question… Hope you don’t mind – perfect for our “Colour My World” Inquiry… In fact.. that’s got me thinking about another project 😀

  • Hi Claire,
    Noticed on twitter your thoughts on a new project. Remember I have grade 6/7 students aged 11-13 also this year. Would love to connect some how.

  • I love the bottle brush trees, because rainbow lorikeets seem to be attracted to them. I love the lorikeets. They wowed me when I was in QLD

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