14/39 Teaching using ipad

I am at a school in Southern Tasmania showing a teacher how to use the ipad for blogging.


14/37 Seahorses


Visited the seahorse centre in Beauty Point on my birthday.

14/35 Hospital


My father has just had a hip replacement and is now practicing his breathing as he got a bit of congestion overnight.

14/34 Finally growing


These tomatoes were planted mid October and finally they are starting to ripen. It took ages for the branches to develop. I thought I wasn’t going to have any at all.

14/33 Birds of a feather


Went for a drive near Sandford where the fire was last week. Saw these two kookaburras sitting on a gum tree branch.

14/32 Death


My strawberry plants are finally stopping flowering this season. Maybe some of the leaves are giving up the ghost. Thought this half alive half dead leaf was a great photo to take.

14/31 Here comes the rain


Forecast for high temperatures, gale force winds and a cold front to come through today. Think it has arrived.

14/30 Smoke everywhere


Earlier this afternoon, I heard a loud noise coming from the airport and something flying directly over my house. Looked out the door and saw smoke everywhere. Checked out website fires Tasmania and saw one had started near Sandford about 10 minute drive away from me. Can see the helicopters water bombing in front of the flames.

14/29 Birds of a feather


Two friendly birds on a fence outside my brother’s house.

14/28 Scrimshaw


Being retired, I can now attend some lunchtime talks. Today was about scrimshaw and I took along a pair of whale teeth my father had been given by his foster father who was a friend of his mother. We don’t know the history of the teeth but they might have been handed down from my great great grandfather who was a whaler in the 1870′s and 1880′s.